Our house is about 10 years old and the original paint was a little tired. More then a little tired, it was so faded and streaked it looked like a circus tent. I wanted a decent paint job, done with quality paint and by a company who knew what they were doing. Needless to say I didn't look on Craigs List but looked at several companies and RLF Painting was who we chose. I am sooooo happy with the final product. Bob's team was quick, professional and the results were awesome. I am proud to come home to a great looking home and my neighbors are still saying how much it improves the block. Now if I could only get them to call Bob the whole neighborhood would look better!
Michael, Peoria, AZ



Indoor or outdoor, concrete stain and epoxy floor finishes are durable, cost-effective and may be customized to your color or specifications.

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