Our house is about 10 years old and the original paint was a little tired. More then a little tired, it was so faded and streaked it looked like a circus tent. I wanted a decent paint job, done with quality paint and by a company who knew what they were doing. Needless to say I didn't look on Craigs List but looked at several companies and RLF Painting was who we chose. I am sooooo happy with the final product. Bob's team was quick, professional and the results were awesome. I am proud to come home to a great looking home and my neighbors are still saying how much it improves the block. Now if I could only get them to call Bob the whole neighborhood would look better!
Michael, Peoria, AZ

We’re In Luxury Home Quarterly! WOW!

If you happen to see the Winter 2012 edition of Luxury Home Quarterly take a look at the four page article on Fratantoni Luxury Estates. Prominently featured is RLF Painting. Fratantoni Luxury Estates is a premium custom builder in Arizona and RLF Painting has been their painting contractor for over twenty years.

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