Our house is about 10 years old and the original paint was a little tired. More then a little tired, it was so faded and streaked it looked like a circus tent. I wanted a decent paint job, done with quality paint and by a company who knew what they were doing. Needless to say I didn't look on Craigs List but looked at several companies and RLF Painting was who we chose. I am sooooo happy with the final product. Bob's team was quick, professional and the results were awesome. I am proud to come home to a great looking home and my neighbors are still saying how much it improves the block. Now if I could only get them to call Bob the whole neighborhood would look better!
Michael, Peoria, AZ

Co-Founder of RLF Painting Succumbs to Cancer

Mona Fisher, wife of Bob Fisher and co-founder of RLF Painting, of Peoria, AZ passed away on December 22, 2013.

Mona Faye Fisher walked thru our heavenly Father’s gates in the early morning of Dec. 22, 2013 after a short and courageous battle with a rare form of cancer known as Bechets.

Born Aug. 30, 1960 raised in North Dakota she settled in the Phoenix area in the early 1980′s where she met her best friend, business partner, and devoted husband, Robert Fisher. She also leaves behind her beloved children Jason (Melissa) and Jessica Brown, three very dear grandchildren Davin, Haley, and Jake, The Rose and Fisher Family, many friends including her special friend Joanne.

Mona was the finest example of a Christian who truly walked in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus. Teaching us to leave the judging to the Lord and accept others for whom they are. She will be missed and remembered by all that knew and loved her. Remembrance memorial was held on Dec. 27 from  at Palm Valley Mortuary where friends and family took the opportunity to talk about how Mona impacted their lives.

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